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Automatically capture website screenshots hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. Archive web pages for compliance and content verification.

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Reduce Your Workload with Automation

💰 Collect payments from your sponsors and advertisers faster

🕒 Save hours of manual work taking and organizing website screenshots

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We use Screenlapse to capture and archive screenshots of our clients' websites for proof of display advertising. This used to be a very tedious and manual process but now it's 100% automated and we're saving a ton of time every month.
Sean Treacy

Sean Treacy
CEO @ Grafton Studio

Highly Customizable Screenshot Workflows

All the tools you need to capture websites behind logins, search engine results pages, social media profiles, and much more.


Full Page Screenshots

Capture the entire page height every time. And for infinitely scrolling websites, specify a maximum screenshot height.


Capture Specific Elements

Screenshot a portion of the page or a particular element on the page, like the main banner, sidebar, or pricing table.


Custom Action Sequence

Perform a series of actions before the screenshot it taken. Hide popups, expand menus, fill in forms, and much more.


Scheduling Flexibility

Take screenshots at a specific time every day, week, or month. Or every hour on the hour.


Set Custom Cookies

Inject any number of custom cookies, local storage data, or session storage data into any website.


Save to Dropbox

Automatically save all website screenshots to your Dropbox account where they are timestamped and organized into folders.

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