Automatic Website Screenshots Every Day

Full Page Screenshots

Full Page Screenshots

Capture the entire page height every time, not just the visible part of the page.

Capture Specific Elements

Capture Specific Elements

Screenshot a particular portion of the page, or a particular element on the page.

Scheduling Flexibility

Scheduling Flexibility

Take screenshots at a specific time every day, week, or month. Or every hour on the hour.

Fast & Friendly Support

Screenshots By Country

Capture website screenshots from 140 different countries using our global proxy network.

Fast & Friendly Support

Search Engine Results

Capture screenshots of search engine results pages (SERPs) as if you were a real user.

Archival & Backups

Archival & Backups

We archive all screenshots for two years and create automatic backups daily.

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Industry Use Cases

Ad Verification

Provide your advertisers and sponsors with visual proof that their ads are being displayed when and where they should be.

Competitor Analysis

Keep track of the competition with a time-lapse view of their marketing shifts across several channels.

Regulatory Compliance

Archive web pages and social media channels for regulatory compliance.

SEO Analysis

Automate repetitive tasks like checking your website's search engine ranking, page speed, potential SEO errors, etc. Simply review regular screenshots containing all of the information.

Brand Management

Automatically create and maintain an archive of your company's digital history and brand evolution.

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